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Oct 2, 2017

Scientists may have found a cure for peanut allergies, and learn about a pleasant activity that can lower your blood pressure. Special guest today is Karen Kelleher to talk about an FDA approved, non-invasive way to reduce pain.

Aug 28, 2017

Good cholesterol is bad, says a groundbreaking new study. The field of Thermography is growing, but what can this non-invasive imaging reveal about our body? We’ll find out from my special guest, Thermography expert Karen Kelleher.  And I’ll tell you about one thing you can do to make learning a new...

Aug 14, 2017

Control your stress and emotions using 1 easy technique just discovered by a scientific study.  My guest today is Naturopathic Dr. Allison Willette. 


Jul 31, 2017

Stethoscopes could be making people sick, says new research and we’ll look at a study that says you can increase your bone density by doing this one thing just one minute a day.  My special guest today is Fitness Superstar and founder of Kamate Fitness, Nancy Griffiths. 


Jul 17, 2017

Humans have a second brain, says new research. Clinical Nutritionist Courtney Little in part 3 of the series about Essential oils and how they can beautify your body and protect your health. And you’ll find out which country is the laziest country in the world.